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Using Google Analytics, a great tool for analysing your website traffic, we found since launching the UK Hyundai Club over 30% of its visitors were using a mobile device.

Like most websites which aren't mobile friendly, the statistics showed mobile users were much less likely to use the site:

  • - Over 60% of our mobile users left the site after viewing only one page
  • - Mobile users spent two-thirds less time on the website than desktop users.
  • - The Majority of mobile visits were first time visits, ie. less mobile visitors came back.

Not happy that the site was only reaching 70% of its potential we went to work making the website mobile friendly by adding a responsive layer to its design. Responsive design allows a website to be viewed on as many devices as possible including desktops, tablets and smart phones.

Although it's early days, Analytics for the last week show a marked improvement in our mobile visitor engagement:

  • - 30% of our mobile users left the site after viewing only one page (50% improvement)
  • - Mobile users 80% longer on the website than before.
  • - 11% more Mobile users revisited the website.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly phpBB3 Forum

Theres a lot to building a successful, engaging online community, our experience building up The UKHCC from scratch made us well aware of that, which is why when we decided to take on the tough challenge of creating a community site for all UK Hyundai owners and enthusiasts we knew a forum, even with all the custom modifications we've written wouldn't be enough.

For The UK Hyundai Club we wanted to have a news platform, an online forum and a shop. Although a number of out of the box products attempt to provide all these features, none, in our opinion achieve all to a good standard.

The 3 website sections are built using 3 different popular pieces of software; WordPress, PHPBB and ZenCart, which have all been modified to give a continuous look throughout the whole site to enforce the website brand.

Website Features

  • Fully Featured Online Forum
  • Fully Featured Online Shop
  • WordPress CMS Integration
  • Professional Design
  • Seamless Section Switching
  • PayPal Integration