Man taking advantage of highstreet sales

It's important to keep things fresh during the holiday season with most of the high street stores promoting Boxing Day Sales your potential customers are tempted to venture off their computers and visit shopping centres across the country. Fortunately e-commerce stores still have the upper hand, with no looking for parking spaces, queues, bumping into people and fights at the tills a small sale of your own should be very effective to convince your customers to stay indoors.

The great news is with an e-commerce store not only does it cost you less than the high-street stores to put up sales banners you can automate when your sales begin and end so you can plan them in advance.

Planning is essential in running a successful e-commerce store and with a little automation, you can ensure you're plans are put into action even when you're away from your computer.

How Does Promotion Automation Work?

Our e-commerce sites allow their owners to decide exactly how their promotions work by setting the following details in advance.

  • Which products / categories will be included in the promotion.
  • How much each product will be during the sale, or by what percentage are products reduced.
  • The date the promotion / sale will begin.
  • The date the promotion / sale will end.

Once these are set the store owner can concentrate on the more important things such as processing and shipping orders, or if it's a holiday sale.. actually enjoying the holiday!

If you're looking to sell online, why not get in touch and see how we can help you get started.

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