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Due to COVID more businesses than ever are experiencing Christmas selling online and ensuring your products get to your customers on time can really make or break your Christmas trading as every package that misses the big day is a potential return and refund in the new year! It’s more important than ever to point… Read more »
How is best to take card payments when starting out or event trading is always a popular question. I remember back in the day it took months to be approved by your bank to be able to accept cards, I had to pay upfront and a monthly fees regardless of sales volume and I had… Read more »
Before I was aware of The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, I had always liked the idea of paper diaries and planners but they have never worked for me. Maybe my reliance on Google Calendar on my phone was the reason my diaries always gathered more dust than ink or it could be the… Read more »
Businesses are being warned to be careful how they apply for business support available during the covid-19 pandemic. Don’t be caught out by phishers. Some businesses are receiving emails which purport to be from ‘HMRC Government Gateway’. An example of email addresses being used is UK Government Using the “Claim Now” link in the email to complete the… Read more »
Royal Mail’s prices are going up from the 23rd March 2020, Don’t get caught out.. New Royal Mail prices can be found here:
A question I get asked all the time is “should I accept PayPal payments?” most of the time the reason for the question is something like “I’ve heard bad things about it”. I’ll admit I’ve heard some bad things about PayPal too, but I’ve also seen our customers process over a hundred thousand pounds worth… Read more »
There are three main causes of blurry images, out of focus subject, camera shake and the image captured at too low a resolution, sometimes all of these factors are the reason why your product images are blurry. Out of focus images are by far the biggest problem with most of the product images seen on… Read more »
A cookie is a tiny text file that’s saved to your computer when you visit our website. The cookie remembers your settings and preferences so when you visit a website again, it can give you a better online experience. It’s up to you whether you allow cookies or not, but if you don’t want them,… Read more »